Custom Souvenirs Manufacturer

We Create Custom Souvenirs And Smoking Accessories According To Your Wish!

  • We only work with strong and reputable partner suppliers in China, this is how we guarantee quality, price and after-sales service.

  • The minimum order amount and quantity varies per product.

  • Individual or combined  Sea Freight  options 

  • FCL/LCL, DDU, FOB Shipping terms


We provide a customizing of an attribute in many options, for the best result.

Such as digital print, gradient surface, mat or gloss finish, hand-painting, etc.

MDF magnets, Polystone magnets, Hand-painted magnets, Glass magnets, Picture-framed, Flat magnets

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Bamboo and Acacai Rolling Boxes

Set of bamboo rolling trays with pocket rolling tray, rolling boxes with strong magnets and classic rolling boxes.

Custom area by laser engraving effect.

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Licence Plates

Aluminum or metal full color embossed debossed license plates in variable sizes 

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Stash Rolling Boxes

Stash rolling boxes in two sizes can be fully customized. From choosing a cover leather to pull pattern print or just to be printed with your logo with a suitable effect – embossed/debossed. 

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Plastic & Tin Rolling Trays

Full digital print can be customized with your artwork or logo.  

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Playing Cards

Waterproof plastic playing cards, with many variations of effects. Any color included gold, silver. 

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Polyresin Ashtrays

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Ceramic Souvenirs

Rasta Chimp Smoking Mug, City Ashtray

Ceramic pipe mug and ashtray